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Born in Reggio Calabria but deeply in love with “his” Milan, Francesco Casile, is the founder andthe life of the prominent agency of Milan: a career started as Sales Manager at Happening Mode and carried on in 1975 with the creation of an agency of his own. Years of intensive work in a field where a fast professional growth is requested everyday. “I remember when I used to call on clients on the famous 238 Fiat, with a thousand of items to sell on my shoulder, lots of pressing meetings: one client in the morning, another during lunch break and then another in the afternoon. Now we cannot just manage orders and clients: the companies we represent want a rangre of services, a watch on the market, competitors analysis which are now essential to develop new horizons”. In short 360° involvement and flexibility are in order, that is a must do for competition and the ultimate philosophy of Casile & Casile which simplifies mediation with firms and trades with a totally computerized gestional system without givin up on that cozy athmosphere which is one of the strong points in the new showroom in via Tortona 9, situated in one of the most attractive spot of Milan fashion scenery. Inside you'll find a large private parking place for the clients and a food service with the best products of Calabria cookery.
Son and daughter, Francesco and Alessia Casile, a great actuality, the Casile&Casile Fashion Group which in many years of activity has suceeded in becoming a forefront trading and dealing organization. The labels traded by the company are highly renowed and a point of reference for many designer stores of Northen Italy and Abroad, who in Casile&Casile have found a good point of reference for a highly qualified distibuition and an offer of highly competive specialized services always capable of keeping up with market demands and meet the needs of the fashion industry with dynamism and celerity. The company activity, with the joining in of Alessia Casile, who followed his father's path, has soon focused on developing foreign trade, with the spreading and consolidation of the Made in Italy standards in countries like Russia, East Europe, Asia, Korea and Japan. Alessia Casile is the present and the future of the company, bringing new life with her knowing look on the new fashion trends. “In these last years – Alessia tells ­ I've had many work experience abroad. A body of knowledge that helped to steer the managerial activity of the company towards more and more investments in services for the trade”. “A good sell­out – she talks on – is a requisite for a good sell­in”. The new location in the centre of the Milan fashion district, in via Tortona 9, boasts of 300 square meters of exibition area, with customized spaces dedicated to the collections of womenwear and menwear, products in the company's portfolio, with a touch of sophisticated quality and an important research in style.
Our projects for the future are very challenging: hot news are coming together with a wider exibition area, the openings of new locations abroad (together with the actual ones in Shangai and Moscow), and the addition of some new collections to the upper middle market sector. By march 2015 Casile&Casile will have over 40 years of activity. An important milestone that Francesco Casile and his daughter Alessia have celebrated during Milano Moda Donna by revealing two of the company's last achievements: the new showroom in via Tortona 9 and the project “Fashion Streaming”... The ribbon cutting event in the Tortona location took place together with the official launch of the new service developed by Casile&Casile together with Codcast Channel which will help reducing expences due for travels and transfers by the companies and retailers during collections launches and seasonal financial balances. “The 'Fashion Streaming' project has been operative since few months in some of the East Europe and Asian countries. All the client needs is a high­definition camera, an Adsl or fibre connection for streaming, and the collection will be immediatly and virtually accessible even for those clients who are geographically distant, cutting down on expenses due to transfers”, says Casile who adds: “Think of a company that must do four meetings a year with 40 to 50 agents from all over the world, or the client from Vladivostock who could spare up to 3 thousands euros from the 20­30 thousands initial budget to roll over into additional purchases. You won't be able to touch the fabrics, however. “That's true – says Casile – but you'll have to give up on something in the sake of innovation...”