About us

Comprehensive commitment and flexibility are the guiding philosophy of Casile&Casile.

The Showroom at Via Tortona 9 stands out for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, positioning itself as one of the most attractive locations in the international fashion scene.

Over the years, Casile&Casile Fashion Group has consolidated its reputation as a cutting-edge commercial and distribution organization, thanks to the leadership of Francesco and his daughter Alessia. With a significant consolidated turnover and a portfolio of over 250 Italian clients and 200 international clients, the company manages prestigious brands.

Numerous boutiques in the Northern Italy area and abroad have chosen Casile&Casile for highly qualified distribution and tailored service, always attentive to market needs.

With Alessia’s entry, the company has focused its activities on the development of international trade, promoting the values of Made in Italy in countries such as Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Korea, and Japan. Alessia Casile embodies the present and future of the agency, with a knowing and ever-smiling gaze, constantly attentive to the latest trends and new distribution processes.



The Casile&Casile showroom aims to evolve even further.

  • Expansion of the market;
  • Consolidation of relationships with buying offices and clients worldwide.
  • Enhancement of new technologies to streamline sales processes.
  • Continuous research and selection of new brands with an excellent quality-to-price ratio.